T20 3.0 Eco Planar Photo Booth Business Bundle Package

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T20 3.0 ECO Planar Photo Booth Business Package. The T20 3.0 Eco Planar Photo Booth have been popular and in demand on almost every party/events. This package is another practical alternative from EZ Photobooths for our DJ and Photographer friends who wants to embark in the photo booth business.

This package provides a complete setup for fully operational photo booth business plus a backdrop for a greater photo effect.

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How to Install the T20 3.0 Eco Planar Photo Booth

EZP Eco Planar 22 Photo Booth Shell Specifications:

This the newest photo booth design. Inspired by our T20, the ECO Planar 22 is only 8″ thick which makes it lighter than the original T20 and has a rubber tight tilt option which will allow you to get all 180 degree angles.

Head Size: 28″ X 23″ X 8″

Photographers Photo Booth Business Package Includes:

  • EZP T20 3.0 Eco Planar Photo Booth Shell 
    • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
    • White fine textured finish
    • Made in USA
  • RBA Ring Light
  • Canon DSLR T6 Camera
  • Canon A/C Adapter
  • Hot Shoe
  • Power Strip
  • Lenovo Mini PC with Intel Core i5-3470T 2.9 GHz & Solid State HD
  • Planar PXL2230MW Touchscreen Monitor
  • Darkroom 3 Photo Booth Software with:
    • Video Capability
    • Green Screen Capability
    • Social Media Capability
    • Data Collection
    • Survey Quiz Contest
    • Social Media Upload (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat)
    • Email, Drop Box and SMS Text Message Photo Upload Capability
    • Pre-loaded Photo Template Designs
    • Pre-loaded Custom Screen Designs
    • Signature Signing
    • Hashtag Printing
    • Slomotion Capability
    • Animated Gif
  • DNP RX1 Printer
  • Media Kit (1400 prints)
  • Matching Attachable Printer Shelf
  • DNP RX1 Aluminum Cover
  • 4-Port 2.0 USB Hub
  • T20 3.0 Eco Planar Photo Booth Shell Travel Case
  • DNP RX1 Printer Travel Case
  • Backdrop Kit

Additional Inclusions:

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Teamviewer Technical Support Peer to Peer access
  • 1 Year Tutorials