Nimbus Pro V3 iPad Booth Business Premium Package (DNP RX1HS Printer)

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If your thinking about Social Media Branding Booth, please check out our Nimbus Pro V3 Mirror LED iPad booth. Its flexibility to accommodate all types of occasions will guarantee you the best return for your investment.

Designing a Photo Booth that will generate income and be cut above your competitors is an art. As a designer myself, I can only design what I think is best. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't know it as much as my customers would because there are so many varieties of ways of utilizing these products. And by getting feedback from everyone else will allow me to understand what people are truly looking for. Not in one perspective but as in everyone's perspective. And that itself gave me the ability to design something that is effective and efficient for the iPad market, for my customers. I wanted to create wireless solutions so when people are looking at it, they can't even see a cord or an extension cord coming out.

We manufacture the Nimbus Pro V3 Mirror LED iPad booth. Our customers wanted something efficient. Our customers wanted something that is easy, that is easy for you, that is quick, no tools required. This all can happen in less than a minute. You can easily use this on wedding gigs, on birthday events. It's a stand-alone. it's just like the regular dslrBooth. They're able to take that tabletop off the stand, put it right there on their desk, and then communicate with their clients. The tabletop itself is actually the wall mount.

So I can go to restaurants, I can go to the dental office, offer this wall mount iPad features to them and not have to worry about how I'm going to mount it. In under a minute, you'll have a roaming photo booth that you can take with you wherever you go. You don't need a special tool to do that. I believe that the customers are the best designers, so by understanding what they really truly need and truly want, I think we have come up with the best iPad booth and design for them and for that market itself.



  • iPad Photo Booth software **sold separately**
  • Sungzu Solar And Ac Powered Portable Power Station


✅ LED Photo Booth Shell
✅ iPad Pro 12.9" Generation (3,4,5,6)
✅ DNP Wireless Connect Module (WCM-2)
✅ Ring Light
✅ DNP RX1HS Printer
✅ DNP RX1HS Aluminum Printer Cover
✅ Media Kit (1400 Prints)
✅ Travel Case
✅ 4 Port USB Hub
✅ Power Strip with USB Plug
✅ LED Strips
✅ Printer Bag with Recessed Wheels and Pull Up Handle

Disclaimer: Software not included

Additional Inclusions

  • Customers are responsible for scheduling their own tech support.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Technical support with EZ
  • 1-on-1 virtual tutoring session
  • 12 months of support with Darkroom Booth Software:
  • Darkroom Booth Software Support
    • Phone: 214-390-3258
    • Email:


✅ Scratch and break resistance mirror
✅ Multi-function wall mount/roamer and traditional stationary booth.

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