Phantom Series LED Studio Light

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Phantom series LED studio light, The LED light panels are superior tools for studio lighting, press interview, micro film, video recording, and photography. The phantom series covers a variety of LED panel options. Providing continuous light sources, the medium-sized LED panels are portable for outdoor use with handheld support or tripod. The bi-color LED panels are dimmable with brightness and color temperature and the daylight panels are provided with color filters.

Phantom series LED studio light, which is made of high-strength engineering plastic outer case is the perfect combination and durable. With the unique design of the back bracket, it can use the handheld or scaffolding handles. It adopts the latest anti-jamming CPU, which makes the circuit snd structure more simple, reasonable, and the controlling statistics stable, and improves the consistency of the whole light. Moreover, the unit is built-in with overheat protection and a high power cooling fan, which is suitable for a wide range of voltage.

Note: Shipping cost applies to 48 contiguous states (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and International Extra cost on shipping.)


  • Model: PT-24B
  • Output Power: 24W
  • Luminous Flux: 2400LM
  • Color Reading Index: 95+
  • Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K
  • Dimmer: 10%-100%
  • Light Source: Shadowless
  • Lithium Battery Type: NP-F750. NP-F960
  • DC Power Input: DC8V
  • Adapter: DC 8V3A
  • Size: 24*184*14cm


  • Light Stand Mount x1
  • Manual x1
  • Adapter x1


  • The environment should be kept dry and ventilated when using light.
  • Please do not let the device be exposed to rain or moisture, to avoid circuit problem.
  • Please do not use the light with an over-rated voltage.
  • It's normal the fixture will be a little hot when working.
  • During the transportation and installation process, please do not hit against other items, or else it may cause deformation to the lampshade and damage to the light.
  • Please do not directly look at the light bulb with naked eyes when the light is on.
  • Please do not place the light nearby such as alcohol or gasoline and other flammable or volatile solvents.
  • Please use a soft dry cloth to clean the light. You can wash with a cloth with some neutral detergent to remove the dirt that is difficult to remove, and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Keep the light out of reach from children.
  • Please do not work when over-current.
  • Do not disassemble equipment. Touch the product's internal part could result in injury. In the event of a malfunction, the product should be repaired only by a qualified technician.
  • Please cut off power when the light isn't used for a long time.
  • Please note the precautions, or could result in injury.


  • Vents
  • Battery Location
  • Power Socket: External DC 8V Power Input
  • LED Display - When the indicator is BLUE, the LED display shows the brightness of the light ranging from 10(10%) to 99 (99%). When the indicator is ORANGE, the LED display shows the color temperature of the light ranging from 32 (3200K) to 56 (5600K).
  • Power Switch - Long press 1 second to power ON/OFF. Short press showing the battery remaining capacity.
  • Adjustment Knob - In a different mode, brightness can be adjusted (increase or decrease) percentage, color temperature, and wireless remote control numerical.


Short Press "Adjustment Knob" button, when only corresponds to the "DIMMER" indicator light bright, available to adjust knob to adjust the brightness.

Short Press "Adjustment Knob" button, when only corresponds to the "COLOR" indicator light bright, available to adjust knob to adjust the brightness.

Long Press "Adjustment Knob" and hold on 5 seconds, the middle T20-digit number is blinking, select the desired channel from 01 - 99 to match the light to the 2.4G wireless remote, press the "Adjustment Knob" button to confirm.

*Tripod not included for picture purpose only

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