RBA RL-400 Ring Flash

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Now that you already bought T Series Photo Booth Shell Enclosures, you are ready to set-up your T Series Photo Booth System. The following step is selecting your ring light for your system. 

There are two factors of ring lights to choose from. The most simple and standard ring light is our RBA Ring Light, but you can also choose and avail the Alien bee ring flash ABR800. We assume it is too much for a photo booth, of course, some of the photographers will embrace it and want to utilize it anyway. For half costs, you can choose with our RBA Ring Light and settle your camera settings to the light impact room brightness.

The most significant advantage of RBA Ring Light is that we give our own warranty. It defines that, if circumstances happen in our light, we do transport modern equipment and identify what is the defect. If the light was damaged by negligence and literally not the product itself, then we directly charge a repair cost. As photographers, you are not the type to cancel the party, because you already know what happens next your versus will be sent as your replacement and it is not favorable for you, manufacturer’s warranty.

The ABR800 fails or not in good working, we need to call as soon as possible Paul C. Buff and exercise the warranty they have issued. At that time, we wait until they receive all the official paperwork completed. What is mean, you do not receive the working light while waiting for them to carefully review the warranty. This is beyond our operational control.

Note: Shipping cost applies to 48 contiguous states (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and International Extra cost on shipping.)

Below are the standard specifications of both ring lights:


  • 240 LEDs, Color Temperature 5500k-6500k
  • Dimmable
  • Two models: Flashing and Continuing lights. The capability under the flash model (need to properly connect flash sync cable to camera) is four times that of continuing lights.
  • Operated in AC power
  • Produce attractive round-shaped catch lights into the eyes of your specific model. Frequently used for microfilm shooting, production ad introduction, Interview, outer makeup light, AD, weeding following taking, Portrait photography…
  • Diameter: 102mm, ideally fit for all lenses. 

What is included:

  • RBA LED Ring Flash
  • Two Mounting Screws (this mount on the RBA ring light bracket)
  • Free hot shoe and sync cord works with canon t4/t5/t6 DSLR camera

How to set RBA Ring Flash to its proper setting

Photo booth application:

  • T12 ECO Pro 3 Photo Booth
  • T12 LED Photo Booth
  • T20 ECO Planar Photo Booth
  • T21 3.0 Photo Booth

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