T-Series Printer Shelf For Photo Booth

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We invested countless hours designing a perfect printer shelf. Our T-Series Printer Shelf is convenient and can fit any kind of the T-Series photo booth that we offer. Let our T-Series Shelf stand-up for your upcoming event.

What is included:
  • Left and right arm
  • Front and back support
Photo Booth Application: 
  • T12 Series Photo Booth - Upright Sides
  • T17 Photo Booth - Upright Sides
  • T20 Series Photo Booth - Upright Sides
  • T20R Series Photo Booth - Upright Sides

Question: Will the T-Series Printer Stand fit any of the current T12 2.0/T17/ T20Z1/T20R?

Answer: Yes, it will. We actually designed the T-Series Printer stand to universally fit those following T-Series Photobooth.

Question: How can I assemble the T-Series Printer Shelve with my T-Series Photo Booth?

Answer: Remove the knob located on the middle portion of the stand and insert the left/right arms of the printer shelve. Put the support arms after.

Question: How much weight will it support?

Answer: Our T-Series Printer stand is extremely durable and can hold up to 50 lbs.

Question: Does it include a cover for my printer?

Answer: You can purchase the aluminum cover as an option. This listing does not include the printer cover. You can choose your printer cover and include it in your cart.

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