Wide Nimbus Ipad Photo Booth Shell Enclosure

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Bigger, Wider, Badder, Better...

Own one of the booming and biggest 12.9 inches Ipad photo booths on the market. Our group of engineers has equipped with the Nimbus with radiant multi-color LED’s to amaze the crowd and super white durable LED’s to capture the greatest photos possible.

12.9 inches iPad Pro is not covered in this listing

  • Manufactured In The USA With Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Tiltable Head Unit To Accommodate Guests Of All Sizes
  • Breaks Down Into Four Pieces For Easy Transport
  • Road Cases Available
  • Exclusively Designed 
  • Super Bright Remote Controlled multi-colour RGB LED's
  • Fits 12.9" iPad Pro
  • Dimmable Super Bright White LED's

What set do I need to buy to have a running photo booth?
  • iPad Pro 12.9
  • iPad Photo Booth Software

Nimbus Photo Booth Specifications:
  • Base plate: 15.5”  x 21”
  • Pedestal dimension: 4”  x 7”
  • Pedestal height:  42”
  • Total height:  61.5”
  • Ipad housing diameter:  19.25”
  • Depth from front to rear of pedestal:  6”
  • Total Net Weight: 23.40lbs 

Introducing Wide Nimbus Stand Photo Booth

How to setup photo booth: Wide Nimbus Stand Photo Booth