Radio stations market both themselves and their sponsors at a large number of trade shows every year.

Photobooth, especially social media photobooths, are starting to become in demand with radio stations.

In the United States radio stations start with the letter W or K.  In Canada, they start with the letter C.  A long time ago, there was a joke that a new radio station format was going to play nothing buy RAP music.  And of course, while in the US that radio station would have been called WRAP in Canada it was called CRAP.

I generally do not recommend radio or TV advertising for an aluminum portable photo booth company as it is too generalized and your dollars would probably be better spent elsewhere, but I would definitely give them a real good deal as long as they keep mentioning your photobooth company on the air.

 You may also want to consider some sort of co-operative deal with them where their name is on the top of the strip and your name is on the bottom.  This way they are promoting you as well.

Sell portable photobooths to the radio station promotions staff as something extra they can sell to their clients.  Be sure to remind the radio station of the benefits your portable photobooths can provide them.  Your photobooth will enhance their event presence, increase awareness of either the station or sponsored product, and will without a doubt drive traffic to the booth.

A photo booth is a fresh new approach to on-site marketing that associates the advertised brand with a positive experience.  As with trade show marketing, it continues to deliver brand impressions long after the event has taken place.

 Some of the latest photo booth software also allows the radio station to collect marketing information that can be used to later market to prospects.  As an example, if someone sends their picture to their email, with their permission (pay close attention to your country's data collection laws) you now have their email address.

Also, in order to allow them to post to their Facebook page, you could insist (very nicely of course) that they first have to "LIKE" your Facebook page.  All I am saying here is that the marketing potential is limitless.