Companies are starting to use portable photobooths to attract people into their own trade show exhibits.

Being able to effectively brand the client's product is critical to success in this market.  Most importantly this is done with the template you use for the photos. Remind the client or prospect that their own prospects will probably keep the portable photobooth strip much longer than the other literature that was handed to them at the booth.

For a company such as Coca Cola, the marketing reach of the photobooth strips with Coca Cola written all over them could truly be multi-generational.  The photo booth strip you provided today might be indirectly responsible for the bottle of Coke someone's great great great grandchild buys in 2130 after looking at your picture that you took at the trade show today. 

 If you are planning on doing a lot of work to corporate clients at trade shows you might want to look at buying a photobooth that allows you to specifically brand products.  If your booth does not allow you to do that, as this is a fairly new upgrade, you may want to look at a temporary wrap of your booth for that particular project.