Free Shipping - T12 LED Mirror Photo Booth DIY Bundle
Free Shipping - T12 LED Mirror Photo Booth DIY Bundle

Free Shipping - T12 LED Mirror Photo Booth DIY Bundle

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The T12 LED MIRROR Photo Booth is a staple to have if you're looking for a sleek user-friendly booth. Within 5 mins you can already have this booth set up and ready to go. With the new SLEEK MIRROR DESIGN, you're sure to wow your guests. The T13I is the upgraded version that has a new bracket that fits the new surface pro 13 inch 8,9, or X. The T12 LED Mirror features vibrant LED Lighting, creating a captivating atmosphere with every shot.


✅ T12 LED Mirror Photo Booth Shell
✅ Travel Case
✅ Ring Light


✅ Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum

✅ Camera Tilt Knob To Accommodate Guests Of All Sizes 

✅ White or Black fine powder coat finish

✅ Monitor fits surface pro 13" (8,9, or X)

✅ Scratch and break resistance mirror

  • 160W Strobe Flash
  • Beauty Dish Umbrella
  • Hot Shoe EOS Rebel T6 Camera
  • Camera A/C Adapter
  • Power Strip
  • Microsoft surface pro update it to 8-9
  • Darkroom 3 Photo Booth Software with:
    • Video Capability
    • Green Screen Capability
    • Social Media Capability
    • Data Collection
    • Survey Quiz Contest
    • Social Media Upload (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat)
    • Email, Drop Box and SMS Text Message Photo Upload Capability
    • Pre-loaded Photo Template Designs
    • Pre-loaded Custom Screen Designs
    • Signature Signing
    • Hashtag Printing
    • Slomotion Capability
    • Animated Gif
    • DNP RX1 Printer
    • Media Kit (1400 prints)
    • Printer Shelf
    • DNP RX1 Aluminum Printer Cover
    • DNP RX1 Printer Travel Case
    • Studio Backdrop Kit
    • 4 Port USB Hub
    • Power strip with USB plug