T20R (Razor) LED Photo Booth Shell Only
T20R (Razor) LED Photo Booth Shell Only
T20R (Razor) LED Photo Booth Shell Only
T20R (Razor) LED Photo Booth Shell Only

T20R (Razor) LED Photo Booth Shell Only

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Have an old photo booth but still like the wide display screen? The T20R LED Photo Booth is our most advanced photo booth for event professionals with a commercial-grade shatterproof and super-bright touchscreen display. With added LED remote control features that surround the entire front and back unit, you are sure to turn heads at your party. Add a strobe flash and umbrella to create perfectly lit photos every time. The T20R gives that huge wow factor while still being portable enough to fit in most cars.


✅ T20R LED Photo Booth Shell
✅ LED Lights

  • Actual size: 68 inches tall x 23 inches wide x 6 ½ inches depth.
  • 22-Inch Touchscreen LCD Monitor
  • Base Plate: 28” x 20” x .25”
  • Top head: 23 inches x 28 inches tall and 6 1/2inches depth.
  • The depth is adjustable depending on how long the screws are on the back.
  • The typical camera hole diameter of 3″ with a top acrylic light diffuser that measures 19″ X 6″.
  • Locking Lay-out to tilt and capture every level of height
  • From the ground up to the center of the camera, the T20R 3.0 measures 57″ tall but will also allow you to tilt the head to adjust for the kids or taller adults.

*Beauty Dish Umbrella and Strobe Flash not included

  • 160W Strobe Flash
  • Beauty Dish Umbrella
  • Hot Shoe
  • EOS Rebel T7 Camera
  • Camera A/C Adapter
  • Power Strip with USB Plugs
  • 21.5" Acer Touchscreen Monitor
  • Darkroom Photo Booth Software
  • DNP RX1 Printer
  • RX1 Media Kit (1400 prints)
  • DNP RX1 Aluminum Printer Cover
  • 4 Port USB Hub
  • SKB Travel Case
  • DNP RX1 Printer Bag Case
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